NEPHELE 3rd consortium meeting
Madrid, Spain

On 12-13 December 2023, the NEPHELE Consortium celebrated its third Plenary Meeting at Atos-Eviden premises in Madrid, Spain. It was a very fruitful meeting which included very interesting discussions.

The first day took place in hotel Elba in Madrid and was devoted to discuss mainly technical aspects mainly related to architecture and security. The consortium also had the opportunity to contact the external advisory board, explain the project to them and ask them for their advice. The members of NEPHELE Advisory Board are:

  • Sandra Céspedes, Concordia University in Montreal, IETF member (Expertise: IoT)
  • Claudio Pastrone and Davide Conzon, Links Foundation (Expertise: IoT and pervasive technologies / Semantic interoperability)
  • Antonio Puliafito, University of Messina (Expertise: distributed systems, cloud, cyber physical systems, smart cities)
  • Nirwan Ansari, New Jersey Institute of Technology, (Expertise: Edge/Cloud computing, internet of things, computational intelligence) 
  • Amiya Nayak, University of Ottawa (Expertise: Mobile Computing, Internet of Things) 
  • Athanasios Liakopoulos, WW Hybrid Cloud Practice at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Expertise: Internet of Things, Cloud Computing) 
  • Antonio Kung, Trialog (Expertise: Internet of Things) 

The second day was in Atos-Eviden was devoted to the last technical discussions. Use cases were also better described and refined. Exploitation, standardisation and dissemination and communication activities were discussed.