Agriculture Crisis Management event

On 20th February 2024 at 14:30 CET, our colleague Leonardo Militano from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) presented NEPHELE disaster management use case in the webinar "Cloud-Edge-IoT Innovations in Agriculture and Crisis Management: Exploring Data Spaces, Value Chains, and Practical Applications". Leonardo also participated in an interactive panel discussion with other experts in the field.

This webinar belongs to the initiative and was co-organised by the MetaOS projects and the AgriDataSpace project. The event provided in-depth market and industry insights for the agriculture sector, with a specific focus on Cloud-Edge-IoT use cases. The event was online and free of charge.

Webinar Agenda

14:30 Opening of the webinar – UNLOCK-CEI 
•    Welcome and opening remarks, housekeeping
•    Overview of the webinar
•    Overview of UNLOCK-CEI

14:35 Introduction to policies framing IoT in agriculture –Doris Marquardt, Programme Officer EU Policies, EC

14:45 Value chain dynamics in agriculture sector – UNLOCK-CEI

14:55 Presentation on data exchange in agriculture at the European scale –AgriDataSpace

15:05 – Use Case Presentations 
•    NebulOus – Precision Agriculture – Vasilis Zaridis, Raven
•    NebulOus – Crisis Management – Amir Azimian, atFire
•    ICOS – Agriculture Operational Robotic Platform – Marcin Plociennik, PCSS
•    NEMO – Smart farming and Precision Agriculture – Antonis Gonos, ENTERSOFT
•    AerOS – Connected and Cooperative Mobile Machinery focused on agriculture – Anna Ryabokon, TTTech
•    FluidOS – Smart Viticulture – Andy Edmonds, Terraview
•    NEPHELE – Disaster Recovery – Leonardo Militano, ZHAW
•    AgriDataSpace 

16:05 Promotion of MetaOS open calls – UNLOCK-CEI

16:10 Panel Discussion with Industry Experts moderated by UNLOCK-CEI
•    Moderated discussion with a panel of agriculture/crisis management and technology experts commenting on the sector service requirements and use cases
•    Exploration of challenges and opportunities related to cloud-edge-IoT in the agriculture industry

16:30 Q&A session with the audience moderated by UNLOCK-CEI, conclusion and end of the webinar