IEEE ConSoc eHealth PhD school
Genoa, Italy

Our colleague Antonio Passalacqua from Esaote presented NEPHELE in the IEEE ComSoc eHealth TC Ph.D. School in Genoa, Italy.

His keynote talk, "Sharing models for clinical support and predictive maintenance", took place on 26th October 2023, 9:30 - 10:15 CET. This talk provided a concise introduction to medical ultrasound devices. The main focus of this presentation revolved around different projects related to connectivity; NEPHELE was one of them. The talk showcased how ultrasound devices have been evolving to integrate seamlessly with modern connectivity solutions, enabling real-time data transmission, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities.

The IEEE ComSoc eHealth TC Ph.D. School is designed to help Ph.D. students to improve their scientific/technical foundations and help them to develop new skills sets for the future. The School requires no fee. Participants can attend without any registration costs. Only the first 55 attendees were allowed in the room, but a link to follow the lectures remotely was provided.

Other speakers in the conference were: Shiwen Mao, Simon Fong, Damla Turgut, Sergio Pillon, Matteo Santoro, Maurizio Mongelli, Maurizio Pastore, Matteo Laffranchi, Alessio Capitanelli, Michele Piana, Angelo Schenone, Virginia Pilloni, Pierluigi Cuomo, Giuseppe Araniti, Matteo Abideni and Gianlorenzo Casani.