Webinar - Meta Operating Systems: Innovating the CEI landscape

NEPHELE and all other projects belonging to the MetaOS cluster -  ICOS, FLUIDOS, NEMO, aerOS and NebulOuS - participated in this webinar which explainsed how the boundaries of edge-to-cloud computing through virtualized, secure and efficient orchestration mechanisms are being redefined.  The webinar brought to us their visions on the current technological status of the so-called computing continuum, and the tools and innovations surrounding it.

This event exhibited their commitment to driving innovation in Meta OS for the CEI landscape, while giving hints on the key distributed applications being tested in real-world use cases.  The webinar also dedicated time to sharing insights into the upcoming roadmap and what can be anticipated in the near future.

Alexia Zafeiropoulou (FluidOS) and Ignacio Lacalle (aerOS) were the moderators and took the lead on the organisation of this webinar and to the projects’ representatives speaking at the webinar.


15.00-15.30 Welcome and intro

Introduction to the Webinar | EUCEI RIAs Showcase Webinars | Meta Operating Systems Landscape
Speaker: Albert Seubers (MARTEL – EUCEI)

TF3 architecture blocks
Ignacio Lacalle (UPV)

15.30-15.50 – ICOS Project
Speaker: Francesco D’Andria (EVIDEN)

15.50-16.10 – FLUIDOS Project
Speaker: Fulvio Risso (Politecnico di Torino) – Technical Manager

16.10-16.30 – NEPHELE Project
Speaker: Anastasios Zafeiropoulos (NTUA)  – Project Coordinator

16.30-17.15 – NEMO Project
Speaker: Terpsi Velivassaki (SYNELIXIS)

17:15-17.30 – aerOS Project
Speaker: Ignacio Lacalle (UPV) – Open Call Coordinator
Speaker: Vasilis Pitsilis (NCSRD) – Technical Leader

17.30-17.55 – NebulOuS Project
Speaker: Geir Horn (University of Oslo) – Principal Investigator