Xue Li

Thomas Runkler

Darko Anicic

Haoyu Ren

2023 ECML PKDD workshop track: Simplification, Compression, Efficiency, and Frugality for Artificial Intelligence (SCEFA) , Torino, Italy

The field of Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) has made substantial advancements in democratizing machine learning on lowfootprint devices, such as microcontrollers. The prevalence of these miniature devices raises the question of whether aggregating their knowledge can benefit TinyML applications. Federated meta-learning is a promising answer to this question, as it addresses the scarcity of labeled data and heterogeneous data distribution across devices in the real world.

However, deploying TinyML hardware faces unique resource constraints, making existing methods impractical due to energy, privacy, and communication limitations. We introduce TinyMetaFed, a model-agnostic metalearning framework suitable for TinyML. TinyMetaFed facilitates collaborative training of a neural network initialization that can be quickly fine-tuned on new devices. It offers communication savings and privacy protection through partial local reconstruction and Top-P% selective communication, computational efficiency via online learning, and robustness to client heterogeneity through few-shot learning. The evaluations on three TinyML use cases demonstrate that TinyMetaFed can significantly reduce energy consumption and communication overhead, accelerate convergence, and stabilize the training process.