Antonio F. Skarmeta

Ramón Sánchez-Iborra

Julio S. Diez-Revenga

Anthony Pogo-Medina

Rodrigo Asensio-Garriga

Luis Bernal-Escobedo

Ana Hermosilla

Jorge Gallego-Madrid

2023 IEEE Future Networks World Forum

By embracing the next generation of network architectures, academic institutions are setting the scene to expand the research capabilities, enhance the learning experience of the students, and showcase how smart-city-like solutions can transform traditional educational environments into innovative platforms with state-of-the-art solutions. In this work, we present the University of Murcia’s GAIA 5G multi-access smart-campus architecture as an enabler for research and experimentation in novel use cases related to Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) scenarios. In this way, we demonstrate how a vehicular service that provides digital twins for on-board units with migration capabilities between virtualization domains has been integrated in an operational 5G environment. The experimental tests demonstrates the validity of the solution, which can be seamlessly deployed and operated in a real 5G network.