COMPSYS_2023 Paper

The paper On the Implications of Heterogeneous Memory Tiering on Spark In-Memory Analytics by Manolis Katsaragakis, Dimosthenis Masouros, Lazarus Papadopoulos, Francky Catthoor and Dimitrios Soudris at National Technical University of Athens, with acknowledgement to NEPHELE has been accepted by the 2nd Workshop on Composable Systems (COMPSYS 2023) and will be presented on 15th May 2023 in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

This study considers a multi-tier heterogeneous DRAM/NVM memory system with contrasting access latency, bandwidth and energy consumption capabilities. The paper examines the implications of heterogeneous memory tiering on Spark in-memory analytics and addresses the challenge of the growing demand for efficient and scalable computing solutions that can handle the massive amounts of data generated by modern applications.